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Here is a variety of different press and support I've gotten from the music community. Thank you to everyone. This list is a work in progress, I will be constantly adding stuff. All things below are links, please feel free to check them out.

Heres some of the nice stuff people have said about DJ Inform and his new albumix, The Fair Use Project.

"Honestly one of the best mixes I've ever heard"-

"This EP is the raw essence" -

"DJ Inform, a seminal talent on the 1's and 2's comin straight outta the sun washed streets of San Diego [by way of Ohio] who is wildly creative and has a new mix called "The Fair Use Project" that needs to be shared and bumped by YOU." -

And if thats not enough...

Blog Love


Hip Hop Ruckus

The Diggers Union

Hip Hop Hype Dog

Beatbox Radio Show

Tablist (voted top 10 albums of 2010 for The Cutting Room)

Cold rock da spot

Interviews Behind The Beat-Introducing DJ Inform

The Higher Plane Top Ten with the Green Brothers

The Weed Blog Smoking Interview with The Green Brothers

Reviews write up of The Fair Use Project review of The Green Brothers I Get Lifted

Okayplayer review of The Green Brothers I Get Lifted

Posts about me that I assume are positive but don't know because they are in languages I don't understand

Royal Flush (czech)

Scratch Music (Russian) (czech)

Undercream (spanish)

La fundacion del corte (spanish)